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AIESEC Peacebuilder

70th Anniversary Edition

Idalia Pierdant

Founder, CERLA, A.C.

AIESEC Experience:

dalia was key member of AIESEC in ITAM, Mexico where she lead a team that supported the strong growth of her local committee in the exchange program. She was then selected as the National Director for AIESEC in Mexico’s Exchange Program in 1988-89 where her key role was the implementation and training for the new TARGET system designed to modernize all the exchange program. She was also a member of the Mexican delegation to the 1989 AIESEC International Congress in Montreal. As an alumna, she has held a permanent position in her local committee’s Board of Advisors for 20 years. Through this role, she promoted and established standard and best case practices for local committee Board of Advisors in AIESEC in Mexico. She also held a regional served as Vice-President Finance for AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica from 2014-2016. Today, she is now a member of the Board of Advisors for AIESEC in Mexico.

Contributions to AIESEC’s Vision of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential:

For over 20 years, Idalia has been a true “peacebuilder” through her contributions in her local community in Mexico City. She is the founder of CERLA, A.C. ( an equine facilitated therapy center, dedicated to provide biotherapy to children and youth with physical, mental, or sensorial disabilities. The association is also focused in providing accessible services, helping less-fortunate families.. Idalia has also been a true leader in other associations involved with persons with disabilities, such as: Comunidad Down, A.C., and CEPI, S.C. As an AIESEC alumna, her continuous participation as a “host” to incoming AIESEC exchange interns has supported the promotion of Mexican culture and international understanding.

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