AIESEC Peacebuilder

70th Anniversary Edition

Herb Behrstock

President, United Nations Association Northern California Division | United States

AIESEC Experience

Herb Behrstock first joined AIESEC at the University of Michigan in 1962. He has been President of Local Chapter, then went on a traineeship to France and served as President of AIESEC in the US for two years. He was also elected by AIESEC International member countries to serve as Director of the International Transfer of Management Skills Conference (ITOMS) held in Italy. This was AIESEC’s first global theme conference.

Contributions to AIESEC’s Vision of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential

Herb has been contributing to AIESEC’s vision throughout his whole career. Since he joined the United Nations Development Program, for over 30 years he devoted himself to the programming and management of human development and raising the capabilities of countries so that they could achieve their national priorities and address the needs of their people. After his retirement, Herb continued UN-related work. He served for 11 years as President of the East Bay Chapter where he led an ambitious program of local educational and advocacy activities, to prioritize support for the UN, its special peacekeeping, He initiated 5 forums on peace in with 100-200 participants. He currently serves as President of the Northern California Division of UNA. In 2016, Herb was awarded the United Nations Association Advocate Award for his extraordinary advocacy work for the UN. Additionally, Herb’s been a community activist and volunteer with other organizations. He initiated a local environmental NGO and continues as a leader in its successor organization to implement sustainable development and emission reduction programs.


Herb Behrstock’s 30-year UN career included major management assignments at UN headquarters and in Africa, Haiti, China, the Gaza Strip, and Bhutan. In 1991-93 he played an environmental role in facilitating regional collaboration in East Asia, leading to the initial ventures in economic cooperation between the two Koreas. In Kazakhstan (1996-99), as UNDP director and coordinator of in-country UN activities, he initiated the effort to clean up hazardous radioactive waste left by decades of Soviet nuclear testing.

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