AIESEC Peacebuilder

70th Anniversary Edition

Lionel Simons

Serial Entrepreneur | United Kingdom

AIESEC Experience

Lionel started his AIESEC career at the London School of Economics in 1953 where he started the first AIESEC chapter in the UK after receiving a call of interest from the Presiding Country Committee of AIESEC in the Netherlands. Over the next two years, he helped expand AIESEC’s presence in the UK and brought in 120 traineeships by 1956. He then went on traineeships in Helsinki, Cologne, and Genoa. He then moved to Canada and helped set up AIESEC in that country across various cities. While he was doing his Master’s Degree in Columbia University, he spearheaded the expansion of AIESEC in the Latin American region. Upon completing his Masters, Lionel was the Chair of the AIESEC International Congress 1963 held in the US, where he organized a meeting with President John F. Kennedy.

Contributions to AIESEC’s Vision of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential

Lionel’s contribution to AIESEC’s vision is largely through his tireless efforts in bringing AIESEC beyond Europe to places such as the US, Canada, and the Latin America region. In addition, Lionel has chaired several of AIESEC’s conferences and has been a consistent presence in the organization’s national, regional, and global conferences. He has also taken an active role for alumni as a member of the AIESEC Alumni International Executive Board.


Lionel studied B.Sc (Econ) at the London School of Economics from 1953-56 and subsequently completed an MBA in International Business at Columbia School of Business from 1960-61. In between his studies, he sold UNIVAC computers in Montreal. He then developed the stoneware ceramic business in the US, becoming the principal owner of Denby Stone. He then pioneered in diagnostic imaging with a factory in San Francisco, making him an environmental industry leader.

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