AIESEC Peacebuilder

70th Anniversary Edition

Rosario Diaz Garavito

Founder, The Millennials Movement | Peru

AIESEC Experience

Rosario was an AIESEC exchange participant in 2013 and did a volunteer internship in Chapeco, Brazil. According to her, “AIESEC gave me the opportunity to see the world in a different way and look in diversity and an opportunity to make a change. My experience with AIESEC not only gave me an amazing team but a family within the other volunteers and all the people from my host to the AIESEC volunteers and local people I met in the process.”

Contributions to AIESEC’s Vision of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential

Rosario is the founder of The Millennials Movement, a civil society organization focused on the engagement of citizens and social actors in the locally sustainable development processes of their communities, promoting open, inclusive and therefore peaceful societies. It strongly supports the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization’s actions reach 21 regions of Peru and mobilize hundreds of Peruvian youth and local allies with our labor, including UN offices, CSOs, Private Sector, Government entities, and citizens. Her work has recently been awarded by the UN Millennium Campaign with the My World Volunteerism Award at the UN Headquarters.


Rosario is the founder and Chief Executive Director of The Millennials Movement. Currently, she holds the UN NGO Major Group Co-Operating Partner for Latin America position and is the Co-Focal Point for the Humanitarian Affairs at the UN Major Group of Children and Youth for the LATAM region. Rosario member of the Policy and strategy group at The World We Want Platform, UN Inter-Agency Group of Youth and Gender Equality promoted by UN Women.

On 2016 Rosario’s work has been recognized by the US Department of State through the Young Leaders for the American Initiative and on 2017 by the Obama Foundation inviting her to join the First Civic Leaders Summit held on October in Chicago, USA. Rosario has voluntarily coordinated national programs in order to bring the voices of Peruvians to the United Nations for the definition of the 2030 Agenda. Within her organization, 38, 000 Peruvian voices were represented at United Nations with global leaders, being awarded by the UN Millennium Campaign with the My World Volunteerism Award at the UN Headquarters. Currently, she is leading the Peru 2030 Ambassadors Program to empower CSO representatives to bring the 2030 Agenda message to their communities promoting political incidence through citizen diplomacy.

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